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Tricia Grace Cupping Queen: More Than "Skin Deep"...Best Beauty E-Commerce Site 2019-Shopify

 For those who don’t know me,  My name is Tricia Grace. I’m a momma & a grandma. For many years I stayed home to raise my kids.  I spent countless hours volunteering at their schools. I did everything from helping out in the cafeteria to library assistant.  Flash forward to October 2016...I decided to record my first youtube video .  Although it was a pretty awful video, it still was the start of my  social media tutorials! I have since created thousands of  wellness, beauty, skincare, and even fashion videos across my social media channel platforms, and have helped many women, and men to feel, and look better!  My YouTube channel has more than 10K subscribers, and over 3 million views! However, I knew that I could find a manufacturer to create a better quality cupping system than the OLD brand of CUPS that I had been using. On May 25, 2018, I launched my very own  brand of cups..thank the Lord for Shopify because I had no clue of how to build a website!  What did I name my brand?  Well, Tricia Grace Cupping of course!  I also wrote a 13 page Tricia Grace Cupping & Blasting Guide, and created my very own YouTube cupping tutorial.  The guide, and tutorial were created specifically to work hand and hand with my Tricia Grace Cupping System.  My guide is unique because It's based on what works best for me, and for my viewers so that we could achieve the BEST results possible! My Cupping therapy has helped me, and millions of women, and men to smooth cellulite, improve circulation, blast fascia, muscle adhesions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sculpt, and tone the body, improve the appearance of scar tissue, break up scar tissue, and much more! We offer FREE SHIPPING within the USA, and my husband Craig, will ship to many different countries! Craig inspects every Tricia Grace Cupping System to ensure quality control of our products, and he packages every cupping system securely so that it arrives at your door step in perfect condition! One of my companies BIG accomplishments was to be featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine for their Hidden Gems Of Dallas Small Business Feature!  Whoo! Hoo!   Did I mention that we have TOP NOTCH manufacturers?  I also send a weekly newsletter of all my latest, and greatest YouTube cupping tutorials!  So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to, and order up a perfect batch of my AMAZING Tricia Grace Cups, and remember that whatever your dreams are...DON'T GIVE UP!