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A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace
A Myofascial Massage Gun & Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace - Tricia Grace

A Myofascial Massage Gun Bundle with Whole Body Serum by TricaGrace

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TriciaGrace MYOFASCIAL Massage Gun For the perfect MASSAGE  (Whole Body Serum included)

Digital Display with 30 Gears of intensity

Multi-Speed Settings for Optimal Pressure

7 Interchangeable Applicator heads

Cordless Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor Made with Solid Metal Supports to be Very Quiet & long lasting

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2+ Hours of Use Per Charge) with power light

Lightweight & Cordless (1.13 kg)

ON/OFF Power Switch, Includes AC wall charger - only use the provided wall charger 

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Angela W.
United States United States
Absolutely Love This!

We bought 2others before yours they didn't work well at all.. I bought yours and it has been amazing. And I love the Whole body Serum makes my skin silky!

Tricia Grace

Angela, YOUR REVIEW ON MY MYOFASCIAL RELEASE MASSAGE GUN MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY! Thank you for writing this! I'm so happy that it works so well, and better than the previous massage guns that you bought. Thank you for giving my Myofascial Massage Gun a chance AND for helping me by writing this AWESOME review. I'm so grateful that you also LOVE my Whole Body Serum and how it makes your skin so silky! WHOOHOO! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the time to order my products, try them, and for taking the time to write me amazing reviews. HUGS, Blessings and Love, Tricia Grace

Cynthia F.
United States United States

I have only used it once and already know this is exactly what I needed. We were in the process of packing and moving after selling our house. Talk about getting sore. My massage gun arrived in the middle of all the chaos. I decided I could not wait until we moved to try it and try it I did. I could not stop using it. I think I used it on my whole body. Its just amazing what this massage gun can do. I love that you can adjust the pressure - +. I also tried all the different tips that came with it. Love them all but the claw tip is my favorite. Looking forward to using it more once we get settled into our new place. Thank you Tricia. Keep bringing us awesome products :-)

Tricia Grace

CYNTHIA, Oh my goodness...I JUST SAW YOUR BEAUTIFUL REVIEW! I so love that the CLAW is your favorite, and that you love all the attachments! I'm about to cry happy tears because I'm overwhelmed with your kindness, and ecstatic reading that you couldn't stop using my massage gun. it also is unbelievable how kind you are to take the time to write me this positive review. I love that you wrote that the massage gun is therapeutic and mentioned how to adjust the pressure. Thanks again for brightening my day with your positive words - I so needed these encouraging words that you shared. Congratulations on selling your house - please send me your new home address once you get a moment. Much love and multiple blessings, Tricia Grace

United States United States
Awesome & effective!

Congratulations Tricia! Excited receiving this machine yesterday! Charged it like suggested. I love the color, it's portability, the case & that it is cordless! At first I was worried of its weight I have a bad arm but it was actually ok and has great operating power. There is a wide range of settings for the intensity & 7 options for the attachments. It is easy to use! You just push the +/- till you find your right level. I used the claw for my abs & I love it! I will be using this with my ultrasonic cavitation, cupping and your awesome serum. Our family loves to work out & we are very active so this is perfect for massage & easing sore muscles. So far we really like the claw for arm, shoulder, back and thigh then the round attachment for glute massage. We've tried it all the way to 30 and my husband was very impressed. Overall we highly recommend this product!

Tricia Grace

Cathy, I can’t believe I just SAW your review! It makes me so happy! I believe You’ve mentioned Everything I was looking for when testing many guns - before deciding on this one! I wanted to make sure that my gun would have multiple intensity levels, yet easy to operate for both women and men. It really helps to know that you can still hold it with your hurt arm - I sure hope your arm gets better . Thank you for mentioning how you love the case, and the color and that it’s cordless - I’m smiling so BIG! I LOVE reading about how you and your family are active and how y’all use the CLAW, and other various attachments! It’s so helpful to see what works great for y’all’s active bodies! So thrilled that your husband is impressed too! What a PERFECT review...My oh my...THANK YOU!

Elsa m.
United States United States
The best tool for celulite

Great tks k youuuu

Tricia Grace

I love using my Myofascial Massage Gun on my fascia & knotted muscles. � Thank you for your kind review. I’m so grateful that you took the time to write me & that you feel it’s the best tool!

Lisa S.
United States United States

Love it! Would like you to develop a smaller “claw” attachment.

Tricia Grace

Hi Lisa! I’m so happy that you LOVE my Myofascsial Release Gun! Thank you For taking the time to let me know! It truly helps so much and I’m so grateful! Thank you for your advice on the CLAW! We’ll definitely take it into consideration.