Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties
Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties

Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties

Regular price $17.00

There are 11 multi color Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties in one order for $17 + free shipping in the USA!!  WhoooHoo!!!

I am so excited to bring you all my Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties! I have selfishly wanted these for myself, and so what else is a girl to do, but get her own? 

Ok, here are the deets:
1. Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties are durable, and made to hold your hair in place, and their smoothness makes removing them pretty darn easy. 
2. Their special "no-rip" material allows them to stretch mama..STRETCH, and if they don't stretch back to their original size after a few minutes, then just place them in a bowl filled with warm water, and they will shrink. Geez..I sure wish our skin could do the same!  Please make sure to untwist Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties so that they will shrink.  I personally like mine to be more stretched out so that I can wear them around my wrist more comfortably, and I feel this helps for easier removal. But to each their own!
3. Water resistant! OH YASSS!
4. Less damage, and creases!
5. Less headaches 
6. Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane ( TPU).  Whoohoo!
7. Tricia Grace Tele Hair Ties come with ALL my amazing tutorials! WHOOHOOOO!
How Big Are They? 
They are 2.56 inches or 6.5 cm and they stretch!
What Do I like About Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties?
1.They work great to preserve my "do" AKA hair style when I'm working out or going to sleep.  
2. They stay in my hair even when I'm working out or sleeping!
3. THEY LOOK GOOD IN MY HAIR and my wrist!  
Tell It Like It Is Tricia:
Ok, here's the deal.  I have wavy hair, and I find that all hair ties work best on my hair when it's clean! Most of ya'll that follow me know that I'm always talking about how I need to wash my hair. The dirtier my hair is, the more it sheds, and the more tangled and knotted it becomes.  What I am trying to say is that I need to be more careful with ALL, and any hair ties/scrunchies when my hair is dirty, and tangled. I know that there are many tutorials out there showing peeps that similar ties can be yanked out of hair, and I know that sometimes we are just in a big hurry and need to tug THESE LITTLE BABES out fast, but for best results, always gently uncoil your Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties! And remember, that all hair sheds which can mean that you might see small amounts of hair on your Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties. 
Are They Really For Every Hair Type?
Although we have done our best to ensure that my hair ties are great for everyone, like our bodies, I realize that what works for me might not work for you. Therefore, if you have hair like mine that tangles easily, or you are just not sure that you are ready to commit, then I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter so that we can send you all my tutorials.  Then, you can take your time and decide if Tricia Grace TeleHair Ties are a fit for YOU!